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YouTube Page Updated

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

I’ve spent some time updating my YouTube page.  Here you’ll find all sorts of videos including promo, television appearances, videos from gigs, and even a few of me performing some live acoustic music.  Feel free to subscribe to the page to stay up to date on all my latest video content!





Featured in the DJ City TV Video Series “Toneplay!”

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Today I’m proud to announce that some of my material has been featured in a video for DJCityTV in their video series entitled “Toneplay.”

Toneplay is a relatively new addition to the artform of DJing where advances in technology make it possible to play specific pieces of a song like a piano.  “Cue points” can be assigned to specific notes or drums in a song, and triggered by pressing a button, so if cue points are set up properly, the notes of a song can be played like a piano.  The natural evolution of this is to take those notes and play another song.  This has been dubbed Toneplay, and is becoming prevalent in the DJ Battle scene.  Here’s my video, where I demonstrate a few of my toneplay routines:

It’s really an honor to have my material included…the good folks at DJ City told me that they’ve been pretty pick about who they’ve selected to contribute thus far, so there are only 5 videos preceding mine in the series, recorded by some absolutely stellar DJs.  These include VH1’s Master Of The Mix Star –  DJ Dynamix, 2012 Redbull Threestyle World Champ – Four Color Zack, LA Based DJ/Producer Morse Code, Q104.7’s Kidd Spin, and Power106’s Disko Drew.  You can check out their contributions to the Toneplay series here.

DJing live on AXS TV!

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013


Today I make my live TV debut! I’ll be rocking beats on the set of AXS Live, airing on AXS TV today at 4pm Pacific time. AXS TV is available from most TV providers, including channel 1106 on Uverse, 340 on DirecTV, 167 on DISH, and 569 on Verizon Fios.

Make sure and set your DVRs to catch this exciting opportunity!


“Now you can watch all the music industry’s hottest news and controversies live on television on AXS Live. AXS Live brings you LIVE performances from the hottest acts, plus music news you need to know.”